Human Resource Management System

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Product Features

Managing general staff information with ease.

Automated notification via email or sms to assigned supervisors on employees lateness and or absenteeism.

Compatible with biometric (fingerprint)/swipe card devices to monitor attendance.

Manage recruitment from application to appointment

Assigning available staff to needed tasks

Online leave application by staff

Employees annual and casual leave management.

Manage staff performance appraisal across the institution

Mobile Application that enable staff to ask for excuse duties.

Inbuilt payroll manager for easy and faster payroll processing with real time notification to staff.

Graphical Attendance Views (Day, Work Week, Week, Month, Year views)

Automated time calculation (late-in, early-out, overtime)

Schedule meeting times outside normal office hours

Several inbuilt reports. Generate customized reports and analysis on request.


Asset Manager

Shares Manager

Mobile Banking

Loan Manager