Collect savings and Process withdrawals on behalf of Clients on a daily basis with our Mobile Banking app

Product Features

Instant confirmation of transaction (exact amount paid) by customer via sms or voice call.

Real time monitoring of field operations inside office (from any location).

Detailed list of all daily transactions.

Offline Operations

With the high rate of inconsistencies in the internet connections, we have provided a feature in our mobile application that enables the mobile agents to work offline so they could synchronize those transactions whenever there is a proper connection

Mobile Customers

Though mobile agents are limited to customers in their respective agencies, there is a feature that allows them to collect monies from customers who move around due to the nature of their business. For instance, some customers move from one market to the other, depending on the day of market in a particular town.

Native System Compliant

With the excel/csv export capabilities, our clients update their systems with all field transactions within minutes.

Summary analysis of all daily, weekly, monthly and annual mobile operations (agent based or agency based) with graphs, tables and charts.

Indications of exact time (up to a tenth of a second) transactions take place.

Analysis of highest, average and lowest deposits (bank-wide, agency based and agent based).

New customers are allowed to make deposits on the field with notifications.


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